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Nov 19 2012

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Certificate of Incorporation of a Company

The certificate of incorporation is the most important document for any company incorporated and started its business operation. Certificate of incorporation is the most important proof of existence of the company and when any kind of application that needs to be submitted to a government agency getting utility services for example, a copy of the certificate of incorporation is always required. Certificate of incorporation has been issued by the registrar of joint stock companies after compiling all the requirements set by the Companies Act. The legal existence of a company starts immediately from the date of issuing of the certificate of incorporation.

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To get a certificate of incorporation from the registrar of joint stock companies, the following documents need to submit with application:

  • Memorandum of association signed by each subscriber and dated.
  • The name of the company.
  • Statement stating the business purpose.
  • Statement showing of the total number of shares of stock to be authorized, issued and description of the different classes of stock.
  • The signature must be witnessed by a third party.
  • Articles of association signed, dated and witnessed as same subscribers.
  • A statutory declaration that all the legal formalities have been complied.
  • Notice of situation of registered office for the company.
  • Detailed particulars of directors, managing agent and partners.
  • A list of persons who have consented to become directors of the company.
  • A written consent of the directors to act as prescribed by the Companies Act.
  • Revenue stamp duty for registration of the company.

Thereafter, the register of joint stock companies shall enter the name of the company on the book of register of the companies and issue a certificate of incorporation.

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