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Oct 18 2012

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What are the Differences between Data and Information

information, characteristics of information, attributes of information, data, data vs informationThere are many confusion aries when we want to find out the basic differences between data and information. Many types of distinguishing charactersitics may be presented to create the specific identification about data and information. Data and information bear some attributes without which they are meaningless for example, accuracy, relevant, timeliness as well as cost of the availabe information. we have tryed to give some easy approach to figure out the differences between data and information.


  • Data are collection of any number of related observations
  • Data are raw facts and figures that have no exact meaning
  • Data must be analyzed and interpreted by human or computer
  • Data are just numbers and text
  • Data do not serve purpose from the part of end users’ perspective


  • Information is processed data that has clear meaning and is presented in a suitable format
  • Information is a proper knowledge that is exchangeable in many formats for making decision
  • Information is derived when data have been processed, analyzed, organized and summarized
  • Information must be useful and serve a purpose from the part of users’ perspective.


A bank’s teller may enter a credit card number (25487698538) to computer system for checking due amount of their customer and this credit card number will be called as data, because we do not know why or in what context it is being used. However, if this number then appears on that customer credit card bill statement to show that customer has to pay $ 1250 as credit card dues for received services from that bank then this data has changed into information, because it has meaningful context (because it’s a credit card bill statement) and meaning.

The credit card number (25487698538) will be held as raw data on bank’s computer system and its software which accesses this data and will displays it in its meaningful as credit card bill statement. So, it is the software which turns the figures from data into information and gives them complete meaning that is useful and serve a purpose from the part of users’ perspective.

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