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Nov 19 2012

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What is Employee Turnover

Employee turnover refers to employee retirement, employee resignation and employee redundancy. Human employee turnover, employee turnover ratio, employee retention, what is employee turnoverresources department of a corporation cannot make exact plan for employee turnover  because  there  are some  factors, for example employee resignation, which  are  beyond  its control, corporation can only monitor  employee turnover carefully  to ensure  the department will have reasonable difficulties  in  retaining employees. When such  difficulties are predicted  and even finally  experienced, the human resources department will  sort out  the causes  for  them and  take early steps  to resolve  them by improving the ongoing situation, for example, giving motivation, providing training and development in order to ensure employee retention.

Factors affecting employee turnover

There are generally two types of aspects are related to employee turnover and the human resources department needs to consider alternative manpower planning. These two factors are external factor and internal factor.

  • External Factors: A number of external factors may affect whether talented manpower is available in the market to fill vacant posts in a department for continuing the assigned job. These external factors include the availability of the required human resources with the necessary qualifications, basic skills and required experience at a specified time, the alternative job opportunities in the corporate sector and the general outlook of the country’s economy.
  • Internal Factors: Human resources department appraises the number of manpower it  requires at different levels of the organization, at particular time frames, in  the light  of  its present and future work commitments. This may lead to an increase or decrease of the current manpower to adopt the employee turnover difficulties.

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