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Nov 20 2012

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Why Employee Training is Important for Organizations

employee training, employee retention, job rotation, training and developmentEmployee training has become increasingly important as jobs have become much more sophisticated and influenced by technological and corporate exposure changes as well. The objective of employee training is to enable and acquire the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes necessary to enable them to improve their on the job performance. Employee training should focus on the human resources department’s objectives and goals and employee’s competencies in achieving their goals. Organizations arrange training opportunity for its employees for increasing work force productvity and efficiency of current human resources.

Approaches of Employee Training

  • Commitment to training and developing employees
  • Regular analysis of operational requirements and employee required competencies
  • Linking training goals to respective departmental goals and objectives
  • Skilled training personnel
  • Regular evaluation of employee training program
  • A continuous learning and development culture among the employees
  • Joint responsibility between departmental manager and employee for identifying and meeting training needs
  • A wide variety of training and development techniques for various circumstances and learning approaches

Employee training is a continuous learning approach that seeks relatively permanent changes in an employee that will improve the ability to perform on the job. Employee training is basically involved with the changing of basic skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviour. Various types of training are provided in the employee training program for example, familiarize new recruits with job responsibilities and departmental objectives, performance standards, values and norms of the organization, knowledge and skills required to widen their roles, how they will communicate with clients, corporate culture and basic computer skills. Employee training changes what employee knows and how they work before and ultimately employee training will help the organization for increasing working efficiency of the employees and this kind of training makes employee more effect in employees current job responsibilities.

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